Brumi-Workshop (still in break, sprites commissions closed)

Hi ! A quick announcement
This year I won't be available to take care of the Christmas avatars. As you may have noticed, my productivity has dropped, mainly because of lack of time, but also because of exams that are approaching, and a lot of other work on the side
I prefer to reserve my free time to breathe and to take care of new customs avatars, some people are waiting for too long
I'm sure that many other pixel artists will be very happy to take care of your xmas sprites

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Hey, hi
Happy New Year I guess
Well, I wanted to make a little message to keep people informed, if you can share the info. That would be great
First of all, sorry to the people who have been waiting for their avatars for a while now. I'm doing my best to manage, but I'm in a complicated period where I have to manage school, work and drawing.
And on the side, I really feel a drop in motivation. I've been making sprites for 3 years now, and I never felt as strongly as now. I alternate periods where I do a lot of sprites, and moments where I just can't do it anymore. A few months ago I did some to the point of being disgusted because I had some financial problems.
I feel like it's not good for me. I think I also made the mistake of accepting too many requests at once. I've gotten a lot of nice messages to encourage me, just, thank you people. I owe it to you guys, and I won't give up my sprites in the process. I just need my situation to be more stable. I've also been thinking about raising my prices, which would take the financial pressure off of me. But I know it's not a solution because many of you are also students, and you can't necessarily afford to put more than 20 bucks into pixels. Especially since I'm also trying to diversify, by trying more graphic content. And it's something that gives me a lot of pleasure, rather than having my head in the pixels every week. I'll have to find a balance
My apologies if it takes me so long to answer private messages asking me about the status of your custom. I'm doing my best. Anyway, don't hesitate to ask other artists for help with your avatars

ZacWeavile 's galery

sharpclaw 's galery

Arya 's galery

Horo 's galery

Clementine 's galery

Thanks for reading, you're the best commu' :heart:

PS : Except for the people who block me after announcing that they change artists for their avatar, when I had already started the sprite :)
Please don't do this
I keep this work in progress, in case someone wants to use it
Well, it's official
I stop PS custom avatars
I'll try to be brief, because I'm not happy to talk about it. I've already expressed my annoyance a while ago, and I've been thinking about it for a few weeks.
I'm not doing any sprite since january, and frankly it makes me feel better.
Beyond what I said before, there are other things that pushed me to stop. But I won't talk a lot about it because it's a private matter, and I don't want to create more trouble. I just want you to know that I'm very upset about some of the things that happened in the sprite organization.
I'll just say one thing: almost no moderation.
That doesn't mean I'm done spriting though. I will continue to do it, for fun, but not for Smogon directly. First for me. And I will sprite what I like to sprite : Pokémon characters.
I will be available again to do logos and illustrations. Things that have been on hold for months
Thank you Smogon for these 3 years of sprites
Merci les gars, c'était cool
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Gravity Monkey

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Brumi qui dans un acte de générosité laisse tomber son monopole afin de laisser une chance à la compétition, c'est beau à voir

Plus sérieursement, je suis pas du tout au courant de la situation mais je peux qu'espérer que c'est pas trop grave et que ça t'as pas trop fait sentir mal :( Bonne chance dans tes prochains travaux, et j'aime beaucoup les portraits de personnages que t'as commencée à mettre sur insta!

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